Reasons for Rest


do you need more sleep?

A client recently shared with me that stress was causing her to miss out on sleep. The fun part for me (and please don't take this the wrong way...) was when she said "I didn't really notice or think about how much the lack of sleep had been effecting me until I had to perform in class." Man, I was so happy to hear a client FEEL AND HEAR the SIGNS her body told her during class, which in turn had her feeling and hearing more outside of class!!! During work she started being more attentive of her posture and that trickled into hearing shallow breaths and encouraged her to take a few deep breaths throughout the day. And you know what? That revitalized her!!! Oh the things that make me happy :). Anywhoooo, here are a few reasons to get more rest and better sleep:


Physical Benefits

1: Rest prevents injury. It's common sense that resting is beneficial for injury reduction.

2: Muscles need rest to keep your performance from dipping.

3. Your immune system can overheat and not work to its fullest potential.

4. The brain is busy and its exhausting. Rest helps you to keep your mental edge.

5. Weight gain can occur because of hormone disruptions and lack of energy.


MENTAL Benefits

1. More sleep means better concentration and productivity, typically leading to an improved work environment and higher quality life experiences..

2. Depression tendencies can be decreased when sleep and rest are adequate.

3. Social interactions are more enjoyable as researchers believe that poor sleep affects our ability to recognize important social cues and process emotional information.

In conclusion:

Get your rest!
Enjoy your month!
Stay EWBeAwesome!!

Much love,
Nicole G.

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