About EWB


Nicole Grevelis - Founder & Lead Trainer

Nicole Grevelis, owner of Efficient Working Bodies, offers a unique approach to her functional training, full-body workout sessions. Her precise, high-energy exercise programming, and attention to each participant's form and technique keep her clients coming back for more. Timed intervals and core-activating exercises encourage you to listen to your body, and know when to give your all or pull back. These tools make every training session your best training session!

β€œOur body is a temple for our mind and soul. Nourish it with only happy thoughts, healthy living, and positive energy.”
— Nicole G.

Johnathan - Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) as a Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist, his mission is to help bring your body back to balance. This is done by prioritizing posture first and guiding you through pain-free movement.

Johnathan's classes are perfect for those suffering from chronic, daily issues such low-back pain, tension headaches, plantar fasciitis, knee and shoulder pain, shoulder impingement, and more.

Discover proper movement mechanics and the use of natural movement patterns, for any and all goals: weight-loss, muscle-growth, endurance, gait and running mechanics, posture, strength and power.



Leah's mission is to guide her students to experience the equanimity between the body, brain, and the breath. Her personal practice has had transformative effects on her life and she wants to share what she has felt and learned in hopes of others having similar experiences.

"Coming to my mat is a sacred space,  when I am on my mat outside worries and distractions disappear. It is a time to focus on myself, which I have learned opens up room for clarity."



Nicholls Melancon has been an ACE certified personal trainer for 6 years. His clients have ranged from Hollywood actors getting fit for a role, to high-level athletes and marathoners, to stay-at-home moms and seniors looking to improve their strength and mobility.

Nicholls passion for fitness started growing up in the mountains of New Mexico. Whether it was hiking the Sandia Mountains, working on a ranch during the summers, or later in life kayaking and free diving around the world, he has always enjoyed learning and helping teach various activities.

Nicholls specializes in teaching the art of kettlebells, barbell and dumbbell strength work, calisthenics, and flexibility/rehabilitative work. In the past he has worked in tandem with his clients physical therapists and physicians in coming up with the ideal workout plan.



Katie is an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who believes the best way to foster a healthy family is to be a healthy individual. She enjoys helping clients reach goals and become their healthiest selves through nutritional guidance, exercise and a realistic approach to each individual’s lifestyle. 

As a mom of two, she appreciates how important energy is, as well as how short we all are on precious time. As a Navy wife, she enjoys how her career allows her to get to impact the community in a positive way while making friends, wherever her family is called to serve. 

She has worked with all ages and levels, as well as special circumstances, such as pregnancy and post-surgery/rehabilitation clients. Katie can help you kick your fitness routine into high gear, realize your potential as an athlete, learn to master healthy behaviors for life, and simply feel better.